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October 23, 2012

Maple & Butter Pecan Krispy Treats

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These Maple & Butter Pecan Krispy Treats beat those lame-o storebought treats, by a long shot!

These are flavorful.  These have texture.  These are... healthy?

Oh yes.  Sweet, rich and decadent treats that are also whole grain, refined sugar free, low fat, gluten free and vegan (but you would never know!)

Supremely chewy, ultimately sweet.

These are something you can sink your teeth into.

Maple & Butter Pecan  Krispy Treats:  [no bake, low fat, high protein, GF, vegan]
(makes 9 large treats)

    150g (5 cups) Crispy Brown Rice Cereal (GF if you like)
    72g (3/4 cup) Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (GF if you like)
    2 tbs Flaxseed Meal
    1/4 tsp Salt
    1 tsp Cinnamon
    1/8 tsp Nutmeg
    1/16 tsp Cloves

    126g (1/4 cup + 2 tbs) Pure Maple Syrup
    84g (1/4 cup) Brown Rice Syrup
    128g (1/2 cup) Raw Pecan Butter
    1 tsp Stevia Extract
    1 tsp Maple Flavor
    1/2 tsp Butter Extract
    64g (2 scoops) Vanilla Protein Powder

1.  Line a 9" brownie pan with parchment paper both ways.
2.  In a large mixing bowl, stir together the cereal, oats, flax, salt and spices.
3.  In a medium-sized microwave-safe bowl, stir together the maple syrup, rice syrup, pecan butter, stevia, maple flavor and butter extract.  Microwave for 30 seconds, stir, then microwave for another 30 seconds.  Slowly stir in protein powder.
4.  Scoop the wet mixture over the rice krispy mixture and fold together.  Feel free to fold in some chopped pecans.
5.  Scoop mixture into the prepared pan and flatten out.
If you want an extra kick of maple and protein, top these treats with this Maple Icing!

These would make a great gift to the people you love and care oh so much about.

My family adored them  :)


  1. Loving the sound of these! I have been on a total maple kick lately, munching nonstop on maple granola. This might be my next treat :)

  2. I made these over the weekend for a party and they were a huge hit! Many people asked for the recipe!

    1. Thanks, It was a hit for us too :) I'm so glad people liked them!


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