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June 2, 2012

Triple-Decker Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

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Plain and simple:  there is never a wrong time to make a healthy dessert, especially one with peanut butter!  It just so happens that the other day was "one of those days" ... you know, a day that seems to revolve around food cravings, a day spent either wandering around the kitchen or on the computer searching your craving into every search engine imaginable.

I know we're on the same page here  ;)

I was craving peanut butter.  Oh, and chocolate.  Of course.  It's just in my nature.  For about five hours straight, the magical combination of peanut butter + chocolate popped into every racing thought going through my head, which led to an undeniable craving for a sweet treat containing such beloved ingredients.

Ohhhh yeeeaahhhh.

Super soft, super chewy, super decadent and fudgy.

It couldn't get any better!
(trust me, I tried to think of ways to make it better, it is impossible)

Perfectly sweet with the perfect ratio of chocolate:peanut butter

OH NO!  I just remembered I made these for a friend!

Do you think she'll notice the piece of fudge with the giant bite out of it?

This looks natural, right?  I don't think she'll notice...

Okay, she definitely would notice.  I guess there is only one solution ...

Finish it!     ;)

Despite how long the ingredient list looks, there are actually only 9 ingredients in the entire recipe!  As if you needed another reason to make this though, right?

Triple-Decker Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge:  [no bake, high fiber/protein, GF, vegan]
(makes sixteen 2" squares)

   Chocolate Oat Fudge Layer:
       160g (1/2 cup + 2 tbs) Coconut Butter, melted (you can make this at home)
       1/4 cup Light Coconut Milk, canned
       42g (2 tbs) Agave Nectar
       1 tsp Vanilla Extract
       1/8 tsp Salt
       32g (1 scoop) Vanilla Protein Powder
       30g (6 tbs) Regular Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)
       96g (1 cup) Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (GF if you like)

   PB Fudge Layer:
       64g (2 scoops) Vanilla Protein Powder
       84g (1/4 cup) Agave Nectar
       64g (1/4 cup) Natural Peanut Butter (no sugar/salt/oil added)

   Chocolate-PB Fudge Layer:
       64g (2 scoops) Chocolate Protein Powder
       15g (3 tbs) Regular Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)
       105g (1/4 cup + 1 tbs) Agave Nectar
       64g (1/4 cup) Natural Peanut Butter (no sugar/salt/oil added)

1.  Line an 8" brownie pan with parchment paper both ways and set aside (I used tin foil because I ran out of parchment, but parchment would be better)
2.  For the Chocolate Oat Fudge Layer- in a large bowl, whisk together the melted coconut butter, coconut milk, agave, vanilla and salt.  Whisk in the protein powder, then whisk in the cocoa powder.  Fold in the oats.  Flatten mixture into the brownie pan and freeze while you make the next layer (freeze for at least 30 minutes, or until completely firm).
3.  For the PB Fudge Layer-  in a medium bowl, add the protein powder and top with the agave and peanut butter.  Stir together until all powder has been absorbed (it should not be too dry/crumbly, it should be moist enough to roll into a ball).  Scoop this into the brownie pan, spread to the edges of the pan and flatten (use a pastry roller if you have one, otherwise, put your hand in a sandwich bag and spread it manually).  Refrigerate while you make the next layer.
4.  For the Chocolate-PB Fudge Layer-  In a medium bowl, add the protein powder and cocoa powder and mix.  Top with the agave and peanut butter.  Stir until all powder has been absorbed (it should be a little more moist than the PB layer, but not by too much).  Scoop this into the brownie pan, spread to the edges and flatten (again with the pastry roller or sandwich bag).  Freeze for 30 minutes, then slice.  Serve chilled.

Use a plate and fork if you don't want to lick your fingers, but why dirty a plate and utensil?

At first glance this looked a little high calorie/fat to me, but then I searched for the nutrition facts of another chocolate peanut butter fudge... I almost cried...  1/16 of the recipe has 411 calories, 25g fat and 22g sugar!  So let's all make this triple-decker chocolate PB fudge instead.  We will cry with joy.

I probably should have secured these better.  Before I knew it a couple pieces were missing and my sister yelled from the other room, "That was the best thing I've ever tasted!"  I don't blame her, I probably would have done the same thing...

Except I would've taken like, seven three pieces.


  1. Wow they looks really delicious! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

  2. These look amazing and I cannot wait to try them! I have previously tried your pistachio cake and it was delicious. Love what you are doing with your blog and I hope I can eventually build up as many posts and recipes that you have!

    1. I'm glad you liked the pistachio cake! Hope you post more recipes too :) it won't be hard though, baking is addicting!

  3. Yes! these look awesome. They nearly jumped out at me on TS.

  4. I just love your blog!! Everything you post looks incredible (especially this)!!

  5. Beautiful, and decadent looking. I love that this one uses ingredients that I actually have in my pantry, which means I could whip them up today if I wanted to... Just added them to my Must Try List! I get the feeling that they will get moved to the "Done" section rather quickly! ;)

  6. Just curious... what type of protein powder do you use that is Vegan? I have a dairy allergy and can't use Whey powder. Thanks!

    1. Although soy protein powder works, I would recommend using egg protein powder (unless you're vegan). It's the closest thing to whey when it comes to texture (it doesn't taste good on its own, but if it's masked with peanut butter and chocolate it's no problem), all you have to do is omit the salt in the recipe.
      This is my favorite type (also sold in packet form if you don't want to buy a whole tub. 1 packet = 1 scoop):

      If you're vegan you have to be careful with soy protein powder, sometimes they contain milk, but here is an option for you:

      If you use soy protein powder also know that some brands require more liquid than whey/egg, so you may need to add a couple tablespoons of agave or peanut butter. Hope this helps!

  7. Seriously, you made a triple layered treat? And this is healthy too? Wow! You are a real genius!

  8. You live in arizona! Could I please come over for these beauties?!

  9. Wow. Just found your blog. So glad I did. I will be making this fudge!

  10. nice posting. thanks for sharing

  11. Only half way through making this recipe and you are already blowing my mind! It's turning out so good! Who knew I could just blend up some coconut and completely replace butter in a recipe!? and the peanut butter fudge layer is so delicious it may not make it to the pan :)

    1. Oh I'm glad! I hope you liked the fudge :)

  12. Hey Jessica!

    I recently found your blog and I am just amazed by the creativity and elegance of each and every single one of your recipes! I really need to start stocking my kitchen with your "pantry staples" so I can continue to make all your recipes.

    I made these the other day and OH MY GOODNESS... they are freaking awesome. I was hesitant at first but have no regret now after tasting them!!
    My family loves them and no one could tell how healthy and protein loaded they were! A perfect peanut butter craving fix. :)

    Thank you, your truly amazing! Please keep up all the great work!

    1. Aw, thanks Kayla! I'm so glad you and your fam liked the recipe :D

    2. Hi! I am allergic to coconuts. Is there something else I can use?

    3. Hi Jess! For the coconut milk, you can use almond milk since it's thick and creamy too. I'm not sure what can be used instead of the coconut butter, as a reference, it has a texture similar to buttercream frosting. I would try using 1/2 cup of palm shortening (similar to coconut oil and butter but with no animal fat) but only melt it slightly, you don't want it to be completely liquid. If the mixture is too wet, add more cocoa powder or protein powder, if it is too dry, add more almond milk. Hope this works out for you!

      This is the palm shortening I buy:

    4. Thank you! I appreciate it!

  13. Saw this on a facebook link and decided to make it. It is in the fridge chilling now.

    As a vegan I used nonfat soy protein. Not a drink/shake mix but just plain soy protein powder. I compensated with a little extra agave, vanilla, cocoa, and peanut butter to get the two fudge layers smoother and to counteract the fact I wasn't using flavored powder.

    So far tasty. I can't wait to actually cut and try them. I was amazed at how smooth and silky the base was prior to adding the oats.

    Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world.

    1. I'm so glad you took the time to make the recipe :) I hope you love them!

  14. All your recipes are phenomenal!! Very inspirational too. I can't wait to try making them all!

    Candace, Australia


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