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May 1, 2012

Veggie Shots & Fruit Chasers

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Fellow veggie haters, behold... for this is the answer to our problems!

I'm just gonna go out and say it:  I'm a baby when it comes to raw veggies--I run away from bitter broccoli and crunchy carrots.  And if someone brings one of those detox drinks near me, I hold my breath and push it away.

     I don't like celery.
     I don't like kale.
     I don't like bell peppers.


But in order to have a healthy, balanced diet, vegetables are important!  Especially if you live on a veggie-starved campus and would rather eat the krispy treats you just made rather than a cucumber...

and I know I'm not alone on that one...  so, why not get all the gross stuff out of the way "shots" style?  ;)

"A drink is the answer, I don't know the question"
Is that funny, or is that funny?

One may ask, "Why not mix the two together into one smoothie?  I mean, you could use bananas and pineapple as those are pretty strong in flavor."

True, but have you ever eaten a bell pepper with a pineapple?  Sometimes, not even a banana (or three) can hide the strong, bitter taste of kale.

Another may ask, "Why not drink a V8?"

To me, V8 is a good backup if you're on the road or don't have access to produce.  V8s contain a lot of sodium and are extremely processed, so they don't contain the fiber or nutrients as the fresh veg themselves.  And they also sit in a tin can on a grocery store shelf for... how long?  So buy the fresh fruits and veggies whole.  Blend them up in two minutes, and chug them down in less than one!
Trust me, veggie-haters... this is for you!

Veggie Shots:
(makes 2-3 shots)
    1/4 cup 100% Carrot Juice
    1 cup Baby Spinach (or kale)
    Optional:  1 stalk Celery, 1 Bell Pepper (chopped/cut up, preferably green)

Fruit Chasers:
(makes 3-4 chasers)
    1 cup Strawberries, chopped
    1/4 cup 100% Apple Juice
    Optional: 1/2 Banana, 1/4 cup Pineapple

1.  Blend the fruit chaser first, pour into shot glasses (there will be some leftover, so you can put it into a small cup)
2.  Blend the veggie shots (you don't have to wash the blender), pour into shot glasses
3.  SWIG:
4.  CHASE:  but if you really wanna be hardcore, skip this step  ;)

Done.  You survived.  Congrats.  You're a trooper  :)

If only all twenty-one year olds celebrated with these.....


  1. These are incredibly cute!!

    I really live veggies, raw or cooked, but these are so fun I might just make them anyway :)

    1. Haha, so you're the "hardcore" type? ;)

  2. brilliant! i don't mind veggies, but this is a great way to make sure i always get them!

  3. Beautiful post and blog!:) Would you like to follow each other?

  4. love this idea...never thoufght of seperating out the 'green smoothie' before!

  5. Just checking in from Food Buzz. What a cute idea! I personally love fresh veggies, but my teenagers are not fans. I will have to try this. Feel free to stop by my blog and say hello!

  6. Wow I would drink those just for those gorgeous colors!


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