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November 4, 2011

Mint Chocolate Krispy Treats

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I've been trying to step away from Clif bars lately, as they are very high in sugar and not much else, and started buying the Clif Builders bars instead.  Although the Builders bars are still high in sugar, they have lower levels than the regular Clif, and are low glycemic and a lot more filling.  They have 20g of protein and are twice the size of the regular Clif, for about the same amount of calories!

Out of all the flavors I've tried, the chocolate mint flavor is my favorite.  I guess you can say it was inspiration for these delicious, minty krispy treats... or maybe I just needed to try a new flavor combination after four failed attempts at making, or, trying to make, a maple-cinnamon flavored krispy treat.

These fresh and chewy krispy treats triumph over the storebought Clif Builders bars--they don't contain any refined sugars, they have a stronger mint flavor, they are more fun to make (and eat), and you get to absorb all of the dark chocolates' antioxidants  (as long as you don't drink it with milk!)

Thank goodness this recipe only required two trials to perfect, because I would probably give up on krispy treats altogether if it needed any more...  just kidding.  That would never happen!

Trial #1:
     I made these bars similar to the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Krispy Treats:  krispy treat base, chocolate layer and icing design.  It was pretty, but the dark chocolate was way too overpowering . . . the treats needed to be sweeter.  Much sweeter.

Trial #2:
     Instead of adding more sweetener to the base, since it already had brown rice syrup, I doubled the icing (hehe) and made a "fondant" layer.  But instead of making an icing design on top of the treats, I made a minty vanilla icing layer between the treats and chocolate . . . sound good or what?!?  Well, it was delicious and looked even more enticing than the criss-cross design.

Look at these two lovebirds!

Sadly, for the guy on the right, I ate the cutie here on the left...
and it wasn't a sad moment for me!  ;)

These bars, just like the Clif Builders bars, are low glycemic and high protein, but made just a little better.  Because they use egg protein powder* instead of whey, the antioxidants from the 100% cacao chocolate will be absorbed (bonus!).  So don't dunk these in milk, no matter how delicious that may sound!  I really enjoyed these krispy treats... my favorite part was definitely the fondant layer.  Overall, these treats were perfectly sweet, crunchy yet chewy, and best of all, healthy!

Mint Chocolate Krispy Treats:  [no bake, high protein, GF, vegan]
(makes 9 large treats)

   Krispy Treats:
       150g (5 cups) Crispy Brown Rice Cereal
        48g (1/2 cup) Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (GF if you like)
        64g (2 scoops) Chocolate Protein Powder
        1/2 tsp Instant Coffee (I used Starbucks VIA Columbia)
        1/4 tsp Salt
        210g (1/2 cup + 2 tbs) Brown Rice Syrup
        2oz Unsweetened Chocolate, chopped
        1 tsp Vanilla Extract
        1 tsp Stevia Extract
        1/4 tsp Mint Extract

   Minty Vanilla Fondant Layer:
        64g (2 scoops) Vanilla Protein Powder
        147g (7 tbs) Honey or Agave
        28g (2 tbs) Coconut Oil, room temp/soft
        1/4 tsp Mint Extract

   Mint Chocolate Coating:
        2oz Unsweetened Chocolate
        5g (1 tsp) Coconut Oil
        1/4 tsp Mint Extract

1.  Line a brownie pan with parchment paper both ways.
2.  In a large mixing bowl, stir together the cereal and oats.
3.  In a small bowl, stir together the protein powder, coffee and salt.
4.  In a large, microwave-safe bowl, stir together the rice syrup, chocolate and extracts.  Microwave at 30-second intervals, stirring between each one, until chocolate is melted.  Add the protein powder mix one spoonful at a time, until mixture is even (it should look like a chocolate frosting)
5.  Scoop this over the cereal/oat mix and fold together.  Scoop into the prepared pan and flatten.
6.  Put the Minty Vanilla Fondant Layer ingredients in a bowl and stir with a metal spoon (it should look like frosting).  Scoop this over the base layer and spread with the spoon  (it should not spread that well at first, so let it sit for a minute).  Bring out another metal spoon and use the back of it to spread the mixture out (it should spread better this time).  Refrigerate while you make the chocolate coating.
7.  Melt the chocolate at 30-second intervals, stirring in between each one, until melted.  Add the coconut oil and mint extract and stir.  Pour over the fondant layer, patting the pan so that it spreads to the edges of the pan.  Refrigerate until firm, then slice and serve.

Everyone will love you.  Store in hands, then mouth the refrigerator.


  1. You have got to be kidding me! I have been loving on Builder's bars lately and thinking I HAVE to stop that! I know they are not good for me, although they are a tad better than all the so called healthy protein bars that are available out there, they still aren't the best, especially not if you are going to have them every day.

    And now, here you are, with your FABULOUS recipe to make my very own, even better than the real thing, Builder's bars? OMG, it's like a dream come true! You are just phenomenal, Jessica, PHENOMENAL! I so can't wait to give those a try. They look so good too! Unreal!

    By the way, I really love the new look too. I find this font much easier to read than the previous one. Beautiful site, you have my friend. Gorgeous!

  2. Sonia, you're so kind! I couldn't help but smile reading your comment.
    Yes, it was time for a change in the blogs' looks! Hope you get to try these :)

  3. One can never have enough of chocolate! Yummy!

  4. 3 layers of goodness!

  5. Love love love this recipe! Since I found it last month, we've made it at least three times. Last time, left the protein powder out of the base to justify one-and-a-halfing the fondant layer. Yum. Love the fondant, tastes so good! Thanks for the recipe. :)

  6. Sarah- haha, love it! I might try that soon ;)

  7. My husband and I love Builder bars! I always have one in my purse for those desperate, low blood sugar moments. These look amazing. Must try! Thank you!

  8. Looks delish! Are your chocolate and vanilla protein powders sweetened or unsweetened?

    1. The protein powder I use is pre-sweetened (either with stevia or evaporated cane juice).


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