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February 21, 2012

Oatmeal Raisin Krispy Treats with Vanilla Fondant

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Today is a good day.

No matter what happens, today is a good day!

Even if you  pressed the sleep button eight times  forgot to set your alarm ...
or forgot to brush your  teeth  hair ...
or forgot to put on your  underwear  socks before leaving the house ...

Today is a good day!

I'm sure you've guessed by now, the reason why today is such a good day.

Yup.  Oatmeal Raisin Krispy Treats with Vanilla Fondant!  I'm in love.

When I made these I couldn't wait to try them...  I was contemplating whether or not to skip the whole refrigerate-to-firm-up step just so I could get my greedy little hands onto that refrigerator door and into that brownie pan full of crunchy, sticky goodness.  But I was good and made myself wait.  I actually had to leave the room because I was about to burst with every whiff of that enchanting scent!  When the time (finally) came, I almost ripped that refrigerator door right off it's hinges (I guess I turned into Popeye from all that spinach lately) and grabbed the pan with all my might.

I stopped.  The fondant was utter perfection, smooth and silky looking.  I sliced the treats calmly, excited to taste what awaited.

I smiled.  Probably as wide as a kid who just got a big birthday gift, wrapped in a crazy colored paper and topped with a wild bow.  They were beautiful.

I ate.  I melted inside, and all of my worries were gone... my chemistry test, gone, my heavy workload, diminished, my long list of chores, erased... well, sort of.

A clean bite.
Today?  Yeah, today's a good day.

Oatmeal Raisin Krispy Treats:  [high protein, GF, vegan]
(makes 9 large treats)

   Krispy Treats:
       90g (3 cups) Crispy Brown Rice Cereal
       48g (1/2 cup) Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (GF if you like)
       13g (2 tbs) Ground Flaxseed
       1 tsp Cinnamon
       1/8 tsp Salt

       210g (1/2 cup + 2 tbs) Brown Rice Syrup
       128g (1/2 cup) Raw Almond Butter
       1 tsp Vanilla Paste
       1 tsp Hazelnut Extract (or more vanilla)
       3/4 tsp Stevia Extract*
       1/4 tsp Butter Extract
       1/4 tsp Maple Extract
       1/4 tsp Butterscotch Extract (optional)
       20 drops Almond Extract (optional)
       1/2 cup Raisins, chopped
       64g (2 scoops) Vanilla Protein Powder


       64g (2 scoops) Vanilla Protein Powder
       126g (6 tbs) Honey
       28g (2 tbs) Coconut Oil, soft

*I am a major sweet-tooth so I used 3/4 tsp.  If you like mildly sweet desserts, omit this or use 1/4 tsp

1.  Line a brownie pan with parchment paper both ways.
2.  In a large mixing bowl, stir together the cereal, oats, flax, cinnamon and salt.
3.  In a large, microwave-safe bowl, stir together the rice syrup, almond butter, vanilla paste and extracts.  Stir in the raisins.  Microwave at 20-second intervals, stirring between each one, until the mixture becomes runny.
4.  Stir the protein powder into the wet ingredients, spoonful by spoonful, until incorporated.  Scoop over the dry ingredients and fold together.  Scoop into the prepared pan and flatten.
5.  From Step III, add the protein powder into a bowl.  Top with the honey and coconut oil and stir.  Once mixed into a paste/super thick frosting, bring the mixture together with the spoon to form a ball and dump onto the krispy treats.  Using a rubber spatula or pastry roller, roll the "fondant" out until it reaches the corners of the brownie pan.  Refrigerate for 30 minutes, then slice and chomp away  :)

Feel free to add a pinch of nutmeg and cloves if you like spiced oatmeal raisin cookies, or chopped walnuts to add even more crunch.


  1. These look incredible! Plus they are so healthy, I'm pretty sure I could get away with making these for breakfast :)

    1. Oh yeah, deeffinitelyy. I had these for breakfast ;)

  2. I love your use of multiple exracts together. I really need to stock up on more flavors. :)

    1. I definitely find that the combination of these extracts make the treats taste like real oatmeal raisin cookies. Sorry for the amount of extracts, but one must not be skipped!
      Enjoy :)

  3. These look too gorgeous to be eaten! Love this twist on traditional rice krispy treats - if only I could get my hands on all those extracts.

    1. Hey Nada,
      I would recommend taking a look on I buy my vanilla extract online because they come in such large bottles for little cost. Even though you probably don't need large bottles of all these extracts, it never hurts to have them on hand ;)

  4. I am so glad to have found your blog! Your pictures are gorgeous and I love all your recipes! These bars look divine!

    1. Thanks Annie! Just checked out your blog, and I am loving those Molasses Spice Cookie Dough Truffles (def making that soon)

  5. Those look fabulous. Are you aware that you should really be avoiding Brown Rice Syrup though? Any recommendations for a substitute?

    1. Thanks for the heads up, I never heard about that! Although it is most likely safe to consume in moderation, too much of anything can be bad. Plus, these are "treats" and are not be eaten everyday.
      If you are avoiding BRSyrup, try another thick sweetener like honey, pure maple syrup or agave. Be sure to note that the sweetness of honey, maple syrup and agave are much higher than BRSyrup, so taste the "batter" as you go along (you may need to omit the stevia). Good luck!
      -Jess :)

  6. how do I make this if I cannot have protein powders? :(:( looks incredible!!

    1. Hi RE, simply reduce the brown rice syrup to 1/3 cup. It will seem like there are too many rice krispies but it will eventually come together... but just in case, keep some extra syrup handy in case you need a tablespoon or two :)

  7. and I looove the recipes you post, but they all have protein powder in them :(:( maybe you should read this!:

    1. Thanks RE :) I read the post, however I do not promote drinking protein shakes and undergoing a low fat diet (ESPECIALLY to pregnant women!). I add protein powder to my recipes to CREATE nutritional balance, not deter it. Sarah talked about the downsides of diets extremely high in protein and low in fat... that is not what I do. I always incorporate healthy fats (like the almond butter in this recipe), beneficial carbs (brown rice cereal, oats...) and a source of protein. This keeps you fuller for longer, avoid any sugar rushes and sugar crashes, and keeps energy levels steady :) Without the protein, you might find that you get hungry again quickly.
      Also, gelatin is not a complete protein source therefore it is not a protein powder replacement. Nutritional yeast is a great supplement though, so I'm glad Sarah recommended it!


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