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June 28, 2012

Dark Chocolate "Nutella" Baking Chips

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If I told you how many times I've made Homemade Nutella recently, I'm not sure if you'd give me a high five or a punch in the arm... it's quite a shocking number.

I maayybe use it a little too much.

Are you going to (virtually) punch me?

Well, I hope not, because my total overuse of the stuff has brought delicious homemade chocolate chips into my life, and soon to be yours.

No no, this isn't any old recipe, this is a necessity.  You must have it.

Why?  Because chocolate chips are boring once you've had a taste of these.  These are like chocolate chips on crack.  The rich dark chocolate and sweet Nutella combine to make the fudgiest and most satisfying chocolate chips one can wish for.

Similar to chocolate chips, these are totally snackable.
Not so similar to chocolate chips, these are actually healthy!

Dark Chocolate "Nutella" Baking Chips:  [low sugar, GF, vegan]
(makes 1+1/3 cups)       inspired by Ivory Hut

  2oz 85% Cacao Chocolate (I used Lindt)
  1/2 cup of this DIY Nutella

1.  In a medium-sized microwave-safe bowl, melt the chocolate at 30-second intervals, stirring between each one, until chocolate is melted.
2.  Stir in the nutella until fully incorporate (it will look like the chocolate has seized, but that's okay, just keep stirring).
3.  Line a large loaf pan with parchment paper and flatten the chocolate (I wrapped my fingers in plastic wrap and pressed the mixture down).  Refrigerate for about 1-2 hours, or until firm, then bring to room temp (I left mine on the counter overnight).
4.  Line a flat cutting board with parchment paper and flip the chocolate onto it.
5.  Slice into small cubes using a pizza cutter or sharp knife (it will be a little sticky).  Once you have all the cubes, refrigerate overnight on the parchment paper (I'm sure you can just refrigerate them for a couple hours instead of overnight, I was just busy).  They should no longer be sticky, and they are ready for use!

Store chips loosely covered in the fridge.  Add to a batter (cookie, brownie, etc) in its chilled form, straight from the fridge.

I'm sure you're asking yourself, "Well, can these be baked or what??"

Oh yes, they can.  I made cookies.

"Nutella" Chip Oatmeal Cookies to be exact (and they're secretly healthy too!)


  1. How awesome! I could eat that whole bowl in 5 minutes flat!

  2. Aww. Why can't I have these in front of my face? Right now. Amazing recipe!

  3. Chocolate hazlenut butter + more chocolate = winner.
    In case you needed anyone to confirm that...
    Totally going to make these today! (And put them in cookies, if they last that long!)

  4. How are these vegan? Nutella isn't vegan!

    1. I didn't use real Nutella, I used my DIY Nutella which is linked in the recipe

  5. Holy smokes. Ho. Ly. Smokes. Never thought of making my own choc chips before, much less with the ambrosia of the gods, nutella. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  6. Would this work with regular Nutella? I'm short on time and I live in Australia where some of the ingredients for your DIY Nutella aren't readily available.

    1. I'm pretty sure it will, if you want to check out the original recipe, here it is:


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