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August 31, 2011

Bagel Spreads

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For the past week and a half, I've had a bagel for breakfast.  But not just any bagel, a 100% whole wheat bagel, smothered in natural peanut butter (with no sugar, salt or oil added).  I paired the peanut butter with honey but ran out after a couple days and replaced it with pure maple syrup (which is delicious, by the way!).  After a week, though, I felt I was having a little too much sugar, so I made the classic PB&J for the next few days...

It can never get old.  I love bread and I love peanut butter!  It's a great combination, taste-wise and health-wise--of course the two are delicious, but on the nutrition side of it, the proteins in whole wheat flour and the proteins in peanut butter are incomplete:  they lack certain amino acids to be complete proteins: proteins that assist in muscle growth and repair in the human body.  A bagel by itself cannot build muscle, and eating peanut butter by the spoonfuls sure won't do repair anything (hint hint: your muscles or your bad day)

Although I could probably eat PB&Js every morning for the rest of my life, it's good to switch things up a bit. But what bagel spreads were available?

Butter... completely out of the question, I hope you never see me in one of my "anti-butter" debates!

Cream Cheese... also a no-no.  Full-fat versions are high in bad saturated fats and cholesterol.

Savory Spreads... ehh, savory food doesn't excite me until dinner.

Yeah, that'll do.

Oh!  That too!

Peanut Butter & Maple Bagel Spread:  [high-protein, vegan*]
(makes 1 generous serving)
    2 tbs Natural Peanut Butter (no sugar/salt/oil added)
    2 tbs Pure Maple Syrup
    2 tbs Whey Protein Concentrate* (you can probably use any protein powder, but I've never tried it yet)

1. Simply put all the ingredients into a bowl and stir!

*Vegans, use your favorite vegan protein powder (I like Sun Warrior brown rice protein)

Optional Add-Ins:
  -Celery? (I don't like ants on a log, but lots of people love it!)

Note:  I made this at nighttime in preparation for breakfast the next day (I stored the spread in a Tupperware container and refrigerated overnight), which may have made the taste more even and the texture a little smoother.  I recommend doing the same!

Berries n' Cream Bagel Spread:  [fat free, sugar free, high protein, vegan]
(makes 2-3 generous servings)
    2 tbs 100% Fruit Spread (I used Raspberry Jam)
    3 tbs Dried Nonfat Milk or Dried Soymilk
    1-2 Strawberries, diced small
    3-5 drops Stevia Extract (to taste)

1. Put the ingredients into a small bowl and mix with a fork

Optional Add-Ins:
1-2 tbs Dried Cranberries, chopped (sweetened juice Apple Juice, sold at Whole Foods)
1-2 tbs more of the Jam (to taste)

Notes:  1) I also made this at nighttime and refrigerated overnight, which may have effected the taste and texture.  2) I've made this twice, both with two different outcomes (both delicious, though):  one was thicker (as pictured above), and the other was a little thinner and more spreadable (but a little bit more messy).  It may have been the strawberries' moisture level, or maybe the dried milk is temperamental, similar to flour.  So, just adjust according to your taste and preference!

- - -

The Peanut Butter & Maple Spread was thick, similar to cream cheese, but tastier, healthier, and very high protein.  The bagel had 10g of protein, the peanut butter, 7g, and the whey had 8g, all adding up to 25g of protein!  The Berries n' Cream Spread has a little less protein (9g), but is healthy all the same.  It was sweet and berry-licious, much better than store-bought strawberry cream cheese if you ask me :)

I like how the Peanut Butter & Maple spread is low-glycemic, and I love how the Berries n' Cream spread is fat free.  So if you did happen to spoon peanut butter out of the jar recently, I guess this could be makeup for it  ;)  Both are healthy and delicious!

These spreads are also portable!  Just scoop it into an airtight container and bring to school, work, or wherever you go on the run.  If you make a big batch, just cover and refrigerate!



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  1. these spreads look seriously nommable. nom nom nom. bookmarked! :)


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